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The UK has just removed a similar rule — should we follow their lead?

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A man has died after being electrocuted while working on an airconditioning unit at a southern suburbs shopping centre. The government has revealed a statewide charger network in its plan to make taxi, Uber, bus and business fleets all-electric. See the map.

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Cyclist Ian Biddell was killed by a truck this time last year. His family are devastated that the driver will walk away, fined less than some speeding tickets.

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  4. After six years, this epic home is finally complete. SA Police has confirmed Major Crime detectives will review their files into the infamous deaths of three babies in the s. Abusive parents are using tracking devices, cameras, porn accounts and online games against their kids — and police are struggling to keep up. Behold, the Efron mullet. Oakbank racing legend John Glatz nearly died a year ago.

    Read Today's Paper Tributes. SA Business. SA News. Three objects seen. Two were moving and the third stationary. All very bright. They passed them, and the two which were moving descended towards the ground and stopped. Driving when he saw a bright light to the right of the road. Two objects moved across the road behind him. Stopped car. Third object remained in same spot. Went W over crest of hill and they could only see a glow.

    It was a clear night with thick ground fog. Witness was driving a motor vehicle when he experienced interference on the car radio, which became a high pitched whine. He turned the radio off.


    Within yards the motor of the vehicle stopped by itself. The ignition was on but the warning lights on the dash came on. The ignition key was still in the 'On' position. Looking up he saw a distinct break in the fog with stars visible. A "large dark shadow" was seen at a height of 20 feet. The shadow seemed feet thick.

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    Above this shadow was a greyish-blue glow. The top of the shadow appeared convex. He stoped the vehicle and got out to look but the shadow and light had gone. There was no sound.

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    The object had vanished. The two banks of fog came together. The witness returned to the vehicle, tried the ignition and the motor worked. He switched on the radio and there was no interference. Reported through DCA. The object seemed to hang over Adelaide for a while, then vanished. A really bright light was observed at a height of one metre some forty to sixty metres distance, by a Mrs Collins.

    She ran to get her husband, but on coming back, the object lifted off the ground vertically, then shot off very fast over hills. It had appeared only as a white oval shape.

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    A story circulated about a disc landing and a hairy dwarf being seen to jump out and disappear into the ground. White and red light in sky. Round ball of light.

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    Vapour trail. Lost over horizon. A glowing object was seen over the Adelaide Hils to the East.

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    One disc-shaped object changing colours lost in light of rising Sun. Bright red light in W changed to blue, green and white. A round, red glow on top, with a blue trail travelled E to W, turned to the SW and remained stationary for some time. It "then appeared to be joined with four other craft. Line of lights-red. Slow speed. Travelled W to S.

    Lost over rooftops. Moving in an undulating fashion, then hovering before speeding away, a solid object was described, which had "several lights in a circle" around it. Buzzing noise heard. Then green oval seen in sky going S to N in a straight path. Lost behind hill. There was no smoke trail, or sound.

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    A black and white picture was taken and shows a "coat hanger" shaped, small angular-sized, black "saucer". Taken by a student, who later admitted it was a hoax. A metallic-looking, grey coloured, elliptical object was seen going E to W then S to N. Lost in mid-air. It came from the south with its lights flickering. After circling for a while, it landed in the scrub some miles away. Two more lights were observed a few miles further east fifty minutes later.

    Driving home she saw a light in the western sky, but lost it behind trees. As she approached Rendelsham cutting it reappeared until she got to grey. At home with her husband she watched the light for 30mins. Two children watched a sixty centimetres long by twenty five centimetres thick football shaped light, golden in colour pass within fifty metres of them and appear to land in a paddock.

    A spot was later found flattened in a one point five metre oval. It was "tangled in a corkscrew fashion as if a giant top had been spinning on the spot. Pix-People 1 4 , A bright white light was noticed in the sky which appeared to pace their vehicle. At one point it approached them rapidly, changing colour to orange-red. As the vehicle took a bend, the object went straight on. Hervey, M One of the UFOs took the lead after a while, but the other one soon caught up with it.

    They then stopped and hovered for some time, after which the brighter of the two sped off to a new location. It again started to hover, whereupon a small black object left the parent craft and sped off at terrific speed. The smaller light faded, while the other moved slowly across the sky and finally disappeared.

    The matter was reported to the meteorological office at Woomera, but no explanation was forthcoming.