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The Proud Boys are a self-described "Western chauvinist" street-fighting gang for men. They say they are non-racist, but members must take an oath upholding Western civilisation as supreme. Becoming a member involves violence against each other and against anti-fascists or "Antifa". In America the group has become increasingly visible, often wearing military body armour and carrying high-powered weapons, and members have been arrested for assault, street brawls and weapons offences. In Australia, relatively new right-wing groups are also benefiting from public anger to the government's coronavirus responses.

Dr Ross said groups such as Townsville Free Corps and the National Socialist Network, which is an offshoot of the Lads Society and incorporating ex-Antipodean Resistance members, have stepped up their recruitment and propaganda activities in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland over the past year. She said the Southern Poverty Law Centre in the US, which tracks far-right extremist groups, revealed in August that the white supremacist terror group The Base had also interviewed potential Australian members using its Perth-based recruiter to set up cells.

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By late , at least a dozen Australian men had applied to join The Base. They call themselves "Townsville Free Corps" and they say they are training youth to "defend and preserve their people, their community and their way of life in the face of adversity. Dr Ross said many of these far-right groups believed in the same "great replacement theory" that white Europeans are threatened by increasing non-white immigration and are therefore facing "white genocide".

It is the same theory that motivated the Christchurch killer , who gunned down 51 people in mosques in New Zealand. A royal commission report into the attack revealed this week that the man had been active in Australian extremist groups before moving to New Zealand. It said New Zealand security and intelligence services had mistakenly ignored the potential of far-right groups to commit acts of terrorism due to an overwhelming focus on Islamist threats. In contrast, the group The Base follows an "accelerationist" ideology, which aims to bring about societal collapse as a way of "winning the race war" for whites.

Thomas Sewell, the leader of the National Socialist Network, specifically targets young, white, "disgruntled" men using the "great replacement theory". It has more than members on Telegram. Last week, it issued a statement via an encrypted app claiming that Tyler Jakovac, an year-old man arrested in his East Albury home hours after he allegedly made online comments suggesting he was willing to be involved in a "mass casualty event", was not a member.

Mr Jakovac has been charged for urging violence against members or groups and advocating terrorism and now faces a maximum combined term of 12 years' jail.

Dashcam video shows moment before motorway shooting | Queensland Times

NSW police assistant commissioner Mark Walton said police would allege Mr Jakovac hated anyone who did not look like him and was specifically opposed to Jews, Muslims and immigrants. Without commenting on the Jakovac case, Dr Ross said the Christchurch killer had also been invited to join an earlier version of Mr Sewell's group but he declined and went on to act alone.

But to outsiders, the language used can be confronting. However, Dr Ross said it was often insiders who had a more finely tuned sense of when someone was crossing over from sharing memes to something more sinister. This is neo-Nazi shorthand for the mass murder of race traitors.

Far-right groups are expanding in Australia

Originally published as Far-right groups expanding in Australia. Property A development with full council approval has been listed for sale. At a media conference this morning Deputy Police Commissioner Tracy Linford rejected suggestions police had shot an unarmed man. Mr Kadri said police had offered to show Mr Abdi's family the footage after the coroner's report is handed down. Originally published as Dashcam video shows moment before motorway shooting.

Property A development with full council approval has been listed for sale. News Emergency services were called to a collision on the eastern lanes of a multi-lane road.

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